Wooden Beds

At The Bed Shop Edinburgh we've been selling wooden beds for over 40 years at our premises in Leith. So why do customers still buy wooden framed beds after all this time? It is true that fashions change but some things remain a constant and wooden framed beds are consistent with that. It is just a fact that some houses lend themselves to this type of bed rather than the ultra-modern look of say a leather or fabric bed.

The why's and wherefores

Customers love our shaker-style beds but similarly there is still a huge appetite for the old colonial-style frames. Solidity and robustness is another positive feature of a wooden bed. Customers tell us that they've sometimes experienced issues with certain metal beds for example. Wooden framed beds tend to stand up to the demands and rigours much better in this regard. An example of this would be bunk beds where kids can sometimes be quite hard on them. Our experience of metal bunks is that they can be quite flimsy with no way of tightening them up. Wooden bunk beds are significantly stronger and a customer always has the ability to tighten them if they become loose. At The Bed Shop Edinburgh we would always recommend wooden over metal.