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Need Help? Call Us On 0131 553 3050 / Store: 163 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh EH6 5BQ
Need Help? Call Us On 0131 553 3050 / Store: 163 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh EH6 5BQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I change my mattress or bed?

The current guidance from the National Bed Federation (NBF) is around 8 years but you will know better than anyone when your bed begins to lose its support and comfort and affects your sleep.

Should I buy a complete bed or just the mattress?

This would depend on the age and condition of your existing base. We would always recommend that your base is checked thoroughly for signs of deterioration before embarking on the purchase of a new mattress. Remember every new mattress comes with a guarantee but only if it is used with a suitable base and one which is providing adequate levels of support. If in any doubt change the whole bed.

What is a reasonable amount to spend on a new mattress or bed?

This is always a difficult question to answer but we would recommend you spend as much as you can reasonably afford. A bed is one of the most important items you will buy as you spend so much time in it and it affects so much in your life. A cheaper bed will provide you with less support and comfort and will lose its shape quicker whereas a more expensive one will not only support you better but, due to the quality of the fillings, will be more comfortable and will hold its shape better so will last you longer.

Are there standard sizes in the UK?

The standard sizes for a mattress are as follows:
Single size – 90 x 190cm / 3’0’’ x 6’3’’
Small double size – 120 x 190cm / 4’0’’ x 6’3’’
Double size – 135 x 190cm / 4’6’’ x 6’3’’
King size – 150 x 200cm / 5’0’’ x 6’6’’
Super king size – 180 x 200cm / 6’0’’ x 6’6’’

Do you also provide non-UK sizes?

We do offer non-UK sizes, these are called European sizes and are as follows:
European single size – 100 x 200cm
European double size – 140 x 200cm
European king size – 160 x 200cm

Do you sell special sizes?

Yes, we can provide special sizes although there will be a more limited range available. Call the shop on 0131 553 3050 with your sizes and we can give you a price.

What is your view on vacuum-packed/roll-up mattresses?

It’s just a fact of life now in the bed industry that, with the advances in technology, we now have the ability to construct a mattress then roll it up into a size small enough to fit in a standard family car. The quality is exactly the same as a conventional mattress but it saves the hassle of waiting in for a delivery.

What sort of guarantees come with mattresses and beds?

Every mattress and bed comes with a minimum one-year guarantee against manufacturing faults. A great many however have longer guarantees and this varies from supplier to supplier.

Should I use a mattress protector?

We always recommend the use of a mattress protector for a couple of reasons, the most obvious one being it protects the mattress from becoming soiled. The other important reason is that it can affect the terms of the guarantee. Some manufacturers are stating on the terms and conditions of the guarantee that a mattress protector must be used.

How do I look after my new mattress or bed?

There are different types of mattresses and beds nowadays but most come with a handy care leaflet and that gives you all of the information you require.

Body Impressions / Settlement

Body impressions are a feature of modern mattresses and are a result of generous layers of quality filling materials reacting to your body shape. This is just your mattress “getting to know you”.
It is good to refresh the sleeping surface by turning and/or spinning the mattress weekly in the first 12 weeks and thereafter every 3 month.
It is very common to notice a ridge in the middle of a mattress. This occurs most often in king size and super king size mattresses. This is due to the fact that it does not get slept on regularly. You can reduce this by using the centre of the mattress when you can, to help the comfort layers settle.

What do I do with my old mattress or bed?

There are various ways to dispose of your old mattress or bed. If it’s in reasonable condition and it still has the appropriate fire safety ticketing then there are local charities who supply transport and collect from the house. Alternatively we offer a chargeable disposal service or the local council in your area will also provide an uplift service.

Do you have a price-matching policy?

Yes, like most retailers, we offer to price-match but there is a certain criteria a customer must meet  and these are explained in the ‘price match promise’ section at the bottom of our website.