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Need Help? Call Us On 0131 553 3050 / Store: 163 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh EH6 5BQ
Need Help? Call Us On 0131 553 3050 / Store: 163 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh EH6 5BQ

At The Bed Shop we've been selling divan bases for over 40 years. Whether it's single, small double, double, king or superking size or whether it's with or without storage we've got it. In this age where colour-coordination is very popular, the range of fabrics and colours is extensive. Most people colour match the base with the headboard so a vallance is mostly no longer required.

Kids bases

Customer's tell us that they want as much space as possible under the bed in their kids room. Probably because of the amount of toys in a kids room you need all the storage you can get. One of the best sellers is the ottoman base where 100% of the base is storage. Another benefit is you don't need to pull drawers out as the whole base opens up. An ottoman base is a fantastic idea in a kids room.

What about the spare room?

Usually the spare room is a smaller room where extra storage space is crucial. You may have fitted wardrobes or just free standing but the benefit of extra storage cannot be underestimated. So whether it's under bed drawers or the lift-up ottoman style, we can supply you with what you need.

The Master bedroom

This is usually the biggest bedroom in the house so customers sometimes forego extra storage space under the bed. However every customer and therefore every situation is different so some will still demand as much storage as possible. As having storage in a base takes nothing away structurally from the quality then most customers tend to plump for some form of storage. If you don't have drawers or the lift-up ottoman style or even a base on legs it is pretty much dead space. At The Bed Shop we would always advocate some form of storage.