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Need Help? Call Us On 0131 553 3050 / Store: 163 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh EH6 5BQ
Need Help? Call Us On 0131 553 3050 / Store: 163 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh EH6 5BQ

Let's be clear!!

First of all let's be clear, at The Bed Shop we know all about beds!! We've been supplying the bed-buying public in Edinburgh and beyond since 1978. So whether it's divans, storage, fabric, metal, wooden or folding beds The Bed Shop's got it covered. Singles, small double size, three quarter size, king size, super king size, odd sized beds, we've got them all. And we've got all the biggest brand names too. Sealy, Silentnight, Harrison Spinks, Siesta beds, Sweet Dreams among others.

Okay so why are beds so important?

Beds are one of the most important purchases you'll ever make. They dictate so much in your life and so much you probably never even thought of. Lack of sleep or broken sleep, due to an old bed, means that you start your day off on the wrong foot. Feeling tired during the working day isn't great and may affect your quality of work. You'll end up making mistakes you wouldn't otherwise make. Colleagues will realise you're under par and avoid you. All of this because you probably should have changed that bed some time ago. Customers will sometimes keep their beds for too long and consequently experience various sorts of health problems. These could range from the odd back tweak to major disc trouble. The knock-on effect is regular visits to the doctor, physio or chiropractor or in extreme cases the surgeon!

What do we do then?

Okay when all's said and done we don't want you heading off to the hospital as a result of a bed that needs replacing so that's just it!! Just make sure you change your bed regularly and look after your back. It's the number one most important purchase in your life so make sure you don't skimp. Buy a good pair of shoes and a good quality bed because when you're not on your feet you're on your back!!