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Need Help? Call Us On 0131 553 3050 / Store: 163 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh EH6 5BQ
Need Help? Call Us On 0131 553 3050 / Store: 163 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh EH6 5BQ

Harrison Spinks Beds and Mattresses

Harrison Beds
Harrison Spinks awards
With over a hundred years experience producing quality beds, this Yorkshire-based company
continues to blaze a trail with regard to innovation and development. Their award winning
pocket spring unit is the envy of the bedding industry and, together with the finest natural
fillings, makes for some of the most luxurious and properly supporting beds on the market.

Core Support

Our advanced Cortec™ core pocket springs provide the ultimate in stability, durability and luxurious support. The absence of glue allows the springs to work individually and contour with accuracy and precision for the ultimate in superior support.

They work in harmony with our pioneering in-house designed Micro springs, adapting to your body’s contours to relieve pressure and provide greater comfort and lumbar support.

HD Spring

Harrison Spinks were the first to develop the Micro pocket spring. Since then Harrison Spinks have continuously developed them making them smaller, and fitting more in each layer. Harrison Spinks always questioning convention and that’s why Harrison Spinks have developed them without the use of glue. This makes them easy to disassemble and recycle at the end of life.



Our focus is sustainability. All of our new mattresses are designed with this in mind.
Each new mattress is foam-free, glue-free and FR chemical treatment free. 100% recyclable. Zero to landfill.
Foam is unable to be recycled. Designed in house; our 100% recyclable, glue free Micro springs replace the need for foam.
Highly flexible these springs relieve pressure, helping to keep your spine in perfect alignment.

In 2019, we developed Cortec™ – the world’s first 100% recyclable, glue-free pocket spring system. All of our mattresses are now produced using Cortec™ technology. A new dawn for comfort technology, offering superior comfort, while allowing all of our mattresses to be fully recyclable. FR chemical-treatment free
We weave our own chemical free mattress fabric in-house; combining traditional methods with state-of-the-art weaving looms, creating a breathable and FR chemical free sleeping surface. An innovative but natural finish to the perfect night’s sleep.

100% recyclable
All our mattresses are circular by design. We believe a sleep environment that is glue free, foam free and FR chemical treatment free is healthier and significantly reduces our impact on the planet. Knowing we are doing the right thing means we can all rest easy.
Luxury meets strength. Silk is a luxurious fibre found in many Harrison mattresses.
Its natural moisture-absorbing qualities help our beds to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Softer and stronger. The double coat of the Cashmere goat is soft and smooth, but also highly resilient.
While the outer layer is durable, the fine, soft under down is lighter and more insulating than other wools.
 The finest of textures. Softer and smoother than wool,
this fibre’s texture gives it a more luxurious feel. It is used in the top filling layers of the mattress.
 Grown in Yorkshire. Flax is the fibre used to make linen. It is a strong, light and sustainable material that creates breathable organic fillings,
helping to improve moisture management.
 Grown in Yorkshire. Hemp is a highly absorbent material and is naturally resistant to mildew, helping to keep beds fresh and hygienic.
Cotton & Egyptian cotton
 Cool comfort. Soft and absorbent, cotton has strong wicking properties.
Egyptian cotton is softer and longer in length, and is perfect for keeping you cool and dry.
Sheep’s wool
Soft, springy and naturally supportive, wool keeps you warm and dry. It’s also anti-bacterial and,
as it’s inherently fire retardant, there’s no need to use chemicals in any of our beds.
And because Harrison Spinks raise our own sheep it’s also more sustainable
Sustainable fillings
The raw fibres are blended into soft and sumptuous filling pads at our factory in Leeds. Both natural and sustainable fibres are used to create different combinations of filling pads.
In 2021 Harrison Spinks opened our own recycling centre to recycle any Harrison Spinks mattress with a Cortec™ spring system. In time Harrison Spinks aim to recycle previously loved fibres from these mattresses ready to re-use