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With over a hundred years experience producing quality beds, this Yorkshire-based company
continues to blaze a trail with regard to innovation and development. Their award winning
pocket spring unit is the envy of the bedding industry and, together with the finest natural
fillings, makes for some of the most luxurious and properly supporting beds on the market.





 Inside each evenly positioned pocket coil, is a second, smaller one that settles at
the base of the outer spring. Thie unique spring has a soft, comfortable feel that responds to
variable pressures. Two springs halve the workload and ensure the system continues to support
you properly for the lifetime of the bed.


  As the name suggests, Posturfil is a mini pocket spring system which offers
support to the natural arch of the lumbar region. It is a cross between a spring and a filling and
is a superior, recyclable alternative to polyurethane foam used in many other mattresses. As the
spring is under tension within the pocket, it will never lose height and is an important element
of retaining the loft of the mattress. Typically, there are 1000 Posturfil springs in each layer of a
king size (150cm) mattress.


  Similar to Posturfil, but has more than twice as many
springs, in fact over 2000 in each layer of a king wsize (150cm) mattress. HD has a lesser
diameter and a smaller height and is the world’s first pressure relieving pocket spring, moving
freely with the contours of your body and providing exceptional comfort and support. When
used in multiple layers, HD gives a really deep, sumptuous feel and like Posturfil, minimises
the settlement of natural fillings.


  Soft and springy, inherently flame resistant and anti-bacteria, wool, naturally has a
long lasting, supportive composition and is a wonderful insulator to keep you warm and dry
whilst helping regulate body temperature.
Soft, fluffy and highly absorbent, cotton is excellent at wicking away moisture from the body and keeping you cool.
Softer and smoother than wool, mohair is a fine, silk-like fibre giving a luxurious feel.
 Derived from the Hemp plant and grown without pestidcides, Hempure is resilient and excellent for regulating body temperature. Hemp absorbs carbon dioxide making Hempure contribute towards reversing climate change.



 BOUCLE 3200
Drift off on a wonderfully comfortable sleeping surface, supported by 3200 springs and a range of natural fibres, including breathable cotton blended with moisture-absorbing wool and mohair.
Double side-stitching helps to maintain the mattress borders, while a combination of Posturfil pocket springs and the innovative Revolution ‘spring-within-a-spring’ system support your every move.
Designed to be non turn, this deluxe mattress sits on a reinforced platform top divan base and is topped with a natural viscose cover treated with Actipro to banish allergens.
Choose from gently supportive, medium support of firm support.


A turn free mattress with double side-stitching, providing flexible support from advanced Posturfil and Revolution pocket springs. Responsive HD Airflow springs add breathability and work with the layers of natural fillings,
including blends of flax, cotton and wool, all known for their durability and temperature regulating properties. Supported on a reinforced platform top divan base or available as a mattress-only
option to use with your own bed frame, the Chantilly benefits from and allergen-eliminating Actipro treatment to help you breathe easier. Choose from gently supportive, medium support or firm support.
Resting on a supportive True Edge divan base with 2500 pocket springs, the Georgette 8200 is an expertly designed and beautifully made non turn mattress with triple side-stitching for border stability. Allergy sufferers will appreciate the Actipro treated cover and the natural fillings, which include a blend of luxuriously smooth mohair fibres with soft springy home-grown wool to regulate body temperature. 
HD Airflow springs optimise the flow of air through the mattress, while a core of award-winning Revolution and Posturfil pocket springs respond as you move, reducing pressure points. Choose from gently supportive,
medium support or firm support.